official Message from President adam lovin


The International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi was founded on November 7th, 1907 and has been a part of the Loyola Marymount community since its establishment in 1959. Over the past year, we celebrated our 60th anniversary on campus with staff, students, and alumni, which has made me reflect on my time as a Deltasig.

Delta Sigma Pi is a brotherhood which spans across 250 collegiate chapters with over 250,000+ initiated brothers. We have a vast network of dedicated individuals with a diverse skill set which enables everyone to fine-tune their personal and professional interests. Delta Sigma Pi is a place for future industry leaders to have the platform to network, inspire, mentor, and become a part of a community larger than themselves during college and post-graduation endeavors.

The Delta Sigma Chapter's closest held values are Professionalism, Scholarship, Community Service, and Brotherhood. We are more than just a business fraternity; we are a brotherhood which focuses on the personal and professional development of the individual at all stages of their collegiate and professional careers. Since my initiation, I learned how to create and polish a resume, improve my communication skills through leadership opportunities and mock interviews, and I have gained a handful of tools which will allow me to grow as a leader. More importantly, I have built a network of highly driven individuals who have become such a large part of my collegiate experience.

I encourage every business and economics student at Loyola Marymount University to come out to our events, meet our brothers, and learn what it means to be a Deltasig at LMU.

Adam Lovin

Delta Sigma Pi | Delta Sigma Chapter President 2019-2020