Why DSP?

When you choose DSP you undergo a process that is similar to an internship. You learn how to write a cover letter and resume, how to conduct yourself professionally and gain several additional skills and access to job opportunities and networking events.

Beyond those skills and the events, you gain a network of 250,000 like-minded individuals, a community on campus and an opportunity for mentorship. The people you encounter become a source of inspiration and the friends you make are ones that stay with you long after you graduate.

Everyone comes in with different dreams and aspirations but what connects us is a similar drive and work ethic. Throughout your time at LMU and in DSP you find different aspects of your experience to appreciate. DSP challenges each member to strive towards excellence and give back while being supportive of things within and outside the chapter that you choose to pursue.

If you are interested in making your own opportunities, learning, growing and being a part of something that is bigger than yourself, please come through and meet us during recruitment!

Julia Guillen