official Message from President Riley O’Keefe


When people initially think about a professional co-ed business fraternity, things like resume workshops, interviewing skills, and networking opportunities come to mind. Of course these opportunities and more are available to brothers of Delta Sigma Pi, but we are so much more than that. 

We are people serving our community. We recognize how blessed we are to be able to attend LMU and want to use the platform we have been given and the skills we have been taught to give back and lift up the LMU and Los Angeles community. 

We are students of the business world. Future marketers, accountants, entrepreneurs, managers, bankers, economists; whatever our brothers dream of accomplishing, the Delta Sigma chapter is the best place at LMU for business students to come chase their passions and hone their craft, together.

We are young professionals. With a network of over 250,000 brothers and and over 250 collegiate chapters around the world, there are Deltasigs in every industry and can be found around the world. Working together, our brothers succeed by helping lift each other to new heights. 

We are a family. Personally, I’ve met some of my forever friends in Delta Sigma Pi. There is a certain unnamed, indescribable quality that each brother has that connects us and deepens the relationships between us all. There is no place in the world that I would rather be, no other group of people I would be more honored to lead than this one. 

Separately, we are scholars, professionals, servants of the community, and friends. But put all of those titles and roles together and we are Deltasigs.

Riley O'Keefe

Delta Sigma Pi | Delta Sigma Chapter President 2018-2019